Vescient provides advisory, programme delivery, and business capacity services to a range of sectors including government, defence, construction, maintenance, transport, utilities, infrastructure, minerals, metals, technology consulting, emergency services and national security.

Vescient creates value for our Clients by applying the skills and knowledge of our expert strategic advisors and skilled practitioners and drawing on our global real-world experience across sectors in business performance and growth. We employ practical systems thinking to leverage our organic capabilities and our extensive partnership network to develop tailored solutions; increasing and sustaining our Clients’ return on assets through a balanced development of strategy, people, processes, systems, and extended supply chain.

We pride ourselves on solving problems to support our Clients’ needs. We tailor solutions to match our Clients’ businesses and deliver those solutions efficiently and effectively whilst providing on the job training, coaching and experiences, assisting our clients to develop internal capability and become self-reliant wherever possible. We also have the capacity to provide enduring outsourced solutions to our Clients where the support area is not core business or where the internal volume is too low to warrant a full-time capability.

Vescient World Map
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