Green Energy

If you are looking to optimise existing green energy assets, or establish new capital assets we can support you to achieve your business goals. Vescient has supported and enable the establishment of the world’s largest infrastructure portfolio, a portfolio of green energy projects, and we are supporting clients manage and optimise their existing assets. 

If you are scoping a project, conducting feasibility studies, defining levelized costs for production, navigating local development legislations within host countries, or require project management and governance support to deliver you project Vescient can support you. Leveraging the capabilities of our Vescient family and innovation in delivery approaches, our highly adaptive consultants can move at speed knowledgably navigating risk to realise opportunities in the market. 

We have scoped more than 120 green energy projects across more than 30 countries. From power to port, across solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and emerging technologies and producing various products, Vescient has some unique capabilities.  Leveraging and integrating our asset management and operational maintenance expertise with our capital project delivery methodology we enable lower operational cost through integrated design and accelerate ROI through well-defined first production scheduling.  

For our existing infrastructure clients’ we are supporting them to rationalise their approach to operations, leveraging our cross sector experiences to optimise their operational performance. We deliver support across engineering and maintenance through to compliance, risk, safety, environment, and business strategy. 

Albany Wind Turbine Farm

Vescient Renewable Energy Team

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