Vescient has been enabling global mining and junior resources companies to optimise and improve business performance since our inception. From pit to port, across numerous commodities, Vescient has supported and improved our client’s operations to realise lower unit costs of production, or improved capital project delivery. This has included improvements across extended supply chain operations, safety governance and implementation, portfolio and program management, capital project delivery, engineering, asset management, operational maintenance, sustaining capital projects, risk management, digital transformation, system integration, solution architecture, and system optimisation. 

We draw our experiences across our sectors to provide unique capability to our clients, transitioning our knowledge and supporting them to be enabled and self-sufficient once our work is done. We are recognised industry leaders in complex portfolio management solutions including portfolio establishment, recovery, governance simplification, staff training and development. Our transformation programs are highly valued and successful. Vescient have delivered these outcomes across portfolio management and project delivery excellence, SAP implementation, human capital management, operational maintenance, and safety improvement. We have expertise with pit and mining infrastructure, rail and rail infrastructure, automation and system integration, yard and port infrastructure and operations holistically.  

Railway and mining

Our services include:

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