Risk Management

To thrive in a complex and ever-changing world, all organisations must manage risk and maximise opportunities for success.  Managing risk involves integrating people and processes, being attentive to internal and external situations and signals, and making and communicating good decisions.  If your organisation needs to review, better integrate, and improve its approaches to risk management for optimal performance, Vescient can provide the expertise, advice and support to guide that transformation and position your business for the future. 

Risk and risk management vary across industries and organisations.  Understanding context, culture and change is fundamental.  Vescient’s vast knowledge of international and Australian risk standards, and broad experience across diverse sectors, industries, clients and projects, brings multi-disciplinary perspectives and unique insights.  We are systems thinkers and effective communicators, able to analyse complex situations, devise practical risk solutions in collaboration with clients, and communicate them in plain language from the board to operations. 

Our risk management advisory and support services span board and executive support, governance and compliance, risk assessment methods, project risk management, human and cultural factors, health and safety, technology integration, change management and continual improvement. 

Our services include:

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