WoAG Management Advisory Services Panel

Vescient is an approved provider of management advisory services to government agencies through the Management Advisory Services (MAS) Panel – SON3751667. 

The MAS Panel has been established to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of the procurement of management advisory services by Commonwealth entities. Use of the Panel is mandatory for non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCEs) that are subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). 

The Panel may also be used by other corporate Commonwealth entities (CCEs) and Commonwealth companies (CCs), including Government Business Enterprises (GBEs). If your organisation is in one of these categories, and you wish to opt-in to use the Panel, you can register with the MAS Panel Management team.

You can engage Vescient through the MAS panel to provide a range of advisory services.

Commercial Advisory Services:

Corporate Advisory Services:

For more information, please contact our MAS Panel manager, Peter Kershaw – services@vescient.com 

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