Change and Transformation Services

Transforming a business is never easy, often requiring an ability to structure a path through evolving and sometimes chaotic environments as businesses attempt to implement changes amongst multiple other changes and priorities happening in parallel. Vescient is experienced at delivering outcomes in these environments of high pressure, ambiguity, and rapid fluctuating change. By deliberate design, our people have specialist expertise in different domains complemented by an ability to flex into other domains making us highly effective at collaborating with people of diverse backgrounds to drive complicated, multifaceted business transformation, approaching it in an holistic, integrated manner.  

Change and Transformation Services Offered

Our experience

We are experienced at delivering transformational changes across different sectors from government, defence, resources, energy, engineering, construction, technology through to shared services. Our people have lead or supported transformations ranging from full Operating Model changes through to automation, IT implementation, System Integration projects, and process and work redesign initiatives. We’ve worked with organisations to deliver complex global scale transformation at one end of the scale and have also worked with targeted teams to transform how they work on the other end of the scale. Services we have been engaged on have ranged from initial development of the change vision and strategy through to the actual implementation of changes and build of sustained change capability for our clients.  

Our approach to change and transformation

Vescient strongly advocates that effective change goes beyond good communications and training. Whilst we recognise that both elements generally form a critical part of changes, our experience has demonstrated that many changes in today’s complex world requires a shift in how people think, work and interact. It requires organisations to reflect on how their leadership, governance, processes, technology, metrics and reward structures need to shift to embed and continuously reinforce these changes with their people. However, we also recognise that not all changes are equal and there is no need to over-complicate things when the situation does not call for it. Our change philosophy is simple. Change efforts need to be:


Change management icons

In supporting our clients deliver effective and efficient change and transformation, our preferred approach is to partner with client organisations to build internal capability and embed ownership of the change by: 

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