Managed Cyber Governance

Many of our clients have struggled to keep up with their legal obligations and understanding of the ever changing digital security landscape. The obligations of Company Directors, changing legislative framework, aspects of international trade (exposing business to the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulations of the UK and Europe), and the expectations of society around the protection of information is dictating business administrative controls requiring more expertise than our client’s poses. 

Most business cannot afford to have a dedicated person qualified and experienced to perform these roles. Conventional IT service providers are typically not equipped, qualified, or experienced to provide this advice or service to their clients. 

Vescient is more than the typical Managed IT Service Provider – we’re better. 

We have integrated our business and board advisory services with our technical cyber capabilities. We provide business and sector relevant advisory and managed support to our clients enabling them to develop their knowledge and manage their cyber governance obligations. 

If you are a small business who is looking to transition to a better secure managed IT outcome, or if you are an SME with your own internal IT capability – our managed cyber governance services can support you. We apply basic organisational design philosophy through people, process and systems in the context of your business.  We increase your business’s operational efficiency whilst making your business more secure at the same time. It is highly economical for our clients and one of our valued services.


We can assist you with:

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